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Mandha Kumar Café, a Whatsapp home kitchen is being run by Ms.Mandakini. Mandakini is a homemaker delivering food to the neighborhood in a small town called Bhadravati in Karnataka. She receives orders on Whatsapp on her mobile.

What will happen if her mobile crashes someday? 

What will happen if she has not enabled the chat backup option on Whatsapp?

How will she retrieve her customer numbers if she has not synced her contacts with her 


This explains us importance of a concept called Backup in our businesses. 

Yes, Today’s topic of discussion is Backup.

It could be a small-scale business running on WhatsApp or an enterprise-level business. 

However, for all businesses, backup of data is the most required one.

Ok! What data is to be backed up in a company regularly?

– Data on Products, Payments, Invoices

– Details of Clients, Vendors

– Webpages

– E-Mail Communication

– Contacts etc 

However, this list is not comprehensive. You can create a tailor-made system for backing up the data which has to be kept as backup for your business.

Moreover, Why Backup is necessary?

– To err is Human. Yes! People are bound to make mistakes. Of course, a backup will save the business from mistakes and missing data

– Sometimes, Technology also fails. Hence, the backup will assist the business to carry on continuously.

Additionally, what could be the periodicity of backup of your data?

It could be Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The periodicity depends on the criticality of the data. If it’s critical data, there could be a necessity for online backup also. 

Where should these backups be taken?

These could be Onsite backups that could be kept along with the original data itself. 

Or it could be the offsite backup, where a backup is taken away from where the original data resides.

The subsequent question is in which media the backup can be taken?

It could be taken on the USB drive, Hard disk, CDROM, online drives like Google drive, or even a WhatsApp chat backup in E-mail. 

Additionally, there are few methods in taking the backup.

First, Full backup can be taken which means that the complete backup of the system or the folder for which backup is to be taken

Next, It could be an incremental backup in which the files which are changed from the last backup are only backed up

Finally, it could be a differential backup in which the files which are modified from the last Full backup are backed up.

Furthermore, let’s see what are mistakes can happen while doing the backup process itself?

Not doing backup will be a great mistake

Improper labeling or no labeling of the backup media could be another mistake

Additionally, Missing the Periodical backups which are planned could be an error

Finally, Backups that are taken are to be tested often. Not testing the backups could make the backup unusable.

We have discussed what is backup? What are the key types of data to be backed up?

Why backup is necessary? What are the types of backup? what should be the periodicity of the backup and in which media it can be taken? And also we have discussed the methods of taking backup.

In conclusion, apart from the above, what is the data you have decided to back up in your organization. Please do enter in the comments below.

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Go ahead! Increase your Profit by taking regular backups and not missing any data which is your indirect profit.