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My friend Ms. VelvadivuPiriya from Coimbatore is the MD of Green Fenster Enterprises. She manufactures UPVC windows and distributes and exports them too. In my opinion, everyday morning, she would need reports to monitor the performance of the company as on the previous day. We all agree that a dashboard is required for Priya to know the figures. Besides, what are the key figures and information she would require? Below are the key reports which would be required for her


Yes. Today’s discussion is on Reports


Any product company or service-oriented company would have unresolved customer complaints. These if we are not attacking at the right time, may lead to a disaster for the company’s brand. Firstly, Customer may post on some social media or in any online forum or even file a case in some judiciary system such as court.


So the first thing is getting the major unresolved customer complaints list in the dashboard


Now the next one is the Production report


This is an important report in which Production target Vs Production achieved to be depicted in a graphical form. Furthermore, it can show green or red for the management to understand at the glance of the report itself.


In this report, the number of units produced in each category should be available as a drill down. 


Suppose there are five categories of UPVC windows being manufactured, the production target for the previous day along with the achievement should be listed in addition to.


Therefore, target production would be the figures that are required by the delivery or dispatch department.


Dear viewers, this listing is illustrative and you can just brainstorm with your team and prepare reports as per your requirement. Moreover, remember that Reports are very important at the beginning of every day to the Top management


Similar to the Production report, there could be a report on fresh orders received yesterday


Ok, now we are moving on to the next report. 


After the complaints and Production and orders report the subsequent one can be Bills receivable which were realized as on the previous day.


Here also the total number of bills or invoices along with the amount, which is outstanding as of yesterday vis-a-vis the number of bills along with the amounts, which should have been collected now, should appear on the dashboard.


Remember!! Besides, the number of bills, the amount also is to be figured on the management dashboard.


The next one is the social media report.


What do we mean by social media reports?


How many new visitors have gone through the company website?


How many new business inquiries have been received totally and out of that how many through the website?


So far, how many new followers are there on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin?


This would give a picture of the results of digital marketing the company had invested.


Additionally, these daily reports can be sent as SMS, E-mail, Whatsapp everyday morning maybe around six am itself to the management. This would help the key persons to plan accordingly for the day based on the data. Probably, on seeing production reports, the review of the production manager can line up as a first thing in the morning. 




In addition to these, a weekly and monthly reporting system would be required in a more detailed manner.  


We have discussed till now the various types of reports which are to be generated for the usage of top management.


Friends, apart from the reports we have discussed what are the reports you are planning to include in your company’s dashboard to your management. Do enter in the comments below !!


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